C2 Clamp-Fix


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A premium multi-material screw featuring the award winning C2 twin-cut technology. The dual angle partial thread and high torque TX drive ensures maximum clamping strength on every fixing. Designed to prevent the timber from jacking apart when fastening timber to timber.

Ideal for: 

  • timber studwork
  • panelling
  • roof and decking framework.
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Declaration of Performance:
Declaration of Performance
Feature 1:
Precision TX drive recess to prevent 'cam-out', giving a precise and positive drive control on every screw
Feature 2:
Ribs under head for improved countersinking and to give a smooth and flush finish, also prevents splitting and material damage
Feature 3:
Coated with a high-molecular polymer lubricant that reduces the insertion torque by up to 52% and increases rust protection up to 20 times longer than a standard zinc plating
Feature 4:
Dual angle thread gives an ultimate performance and an exceptionally high pull-out resistance
Feature 5:
Patented twin cut technology for rapid "pick-up" and reduces timber splitting
Feature 6:
Partially threaded from 40mm
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Product Brochure:
Product Brochure