Adhesives & Building Chemicals

TIMCO is a leader in Adhesives & Building Chemicals. With attention to safety, quality and affordability our TIMCO range is perfect for you: 

  1. Wood Adhesives - TIMco's range of wood adhesives includes high-strength PVA and D3/D4 waterproof adhesives, suitable for use in furniture making, carpentry, and joinery. Keywords: PVA, waterproof, furniture, carpentry, joinery.

  2. Sealants & Fillers - TIMco's sealants and fillers are designed to provide a durable, long-lasting seal and fill gaps and cracks in various building materials. The range includes silicone, decorators caulk, and expanding foam. Keywords: sealants, fillers, gaps, cracks, silicone, caulk, foam.

  3. Contact Adhesives - TIMco's contact adhesives are ideal for bonding materials such as leather, rubber, and metal. They provide high-strength, instant bonding and are resistant to water and heat. Keywords: contact adhesives, bonding, leather, rubber, metal, high-strength.

  4. Building Chemicals - TIMco's building chemicals include a range of products such as mortar plasticisers, concrete dustproofer, and brick and patio cleaner. They are designed to enhance the quality and durability of building materials. Keywords: building chemicals, mortar, concrete, brick, patio cleaner, durability.

  5. Roofing Adhesives & Sealants - TIMco's roofing adhesives and sealants are designed for use in various roofing applications such as bonding roofing felt, sealing roof tiles, and repairing leaks. They are resistant to water, heat, and UV rays. Keywords: roofing adhesives, sealants, felt, tiles, leaks, water-resistant, UV-resistant.