Discontinued KLR 200

Posted by Becky Graham on 1st October 2018

As you may or may not be aware, VELUX are discontinuing the KLR 200 touch-screen control pad which is used to operate the VELUX INTEGRA products. With the launch of the VELUX ACTIVE kit, which allows for operation via an app on your smartphone, VELUX have made it easier for automatic control of the VELUX INTEGRA products and regulating your indoor climate.

So, what does this mean?

The VELUX blinds and conversion kits have already transitioned, meaning instead of a control pad you are now supplied with a wall switch. The VELUX INTEGRA solar and electric roof windows are currently in the process of transitioning.

Benefits of the new wall switch operation:

  • It arrives pre-paired to the product, meaning you do not need to do the initial pairing setup.
  • Simple up/down/stop operation
  • Can operate your VELUX products at the touch of a button, without the need to scroll through different screens.
  • 4 variants of the wall switch: one for internal blinds, one for external blinds, and one for windows.