Ensure your safety with the VELUX Security range!

Posted by Becky Graham on 16th May 2018

It is always better to be safe than sorry, that’s why when it comes to safety, VELUX are always well prepared. Whether you are looking to make your window more secure or make it a safer environment for your children, VELUX offer products and accessories which are sure to keep your window at a safe level.

VELUX Opening Restrictor (ZOZ 010K)
With the VELUX ZOZ 010K S011 Opening Restrictor you can give your home that extra bit of security by regulating the extent to which your VELUX Roof Window opens. The easy-to-fit catch mechanism ensures that your VELUX window does not open too far if it is in an easily accessible place.

The VELUX Opening Restrictor is the perfect solution for that extra security and peace of mind in a child’s bedroom, guaranteeing that it does not open too wide, whilst also allowing the fresh air and ventilation to enter in to the room.

The VELUX Opening Restrictor also comes with a key (ZOZ 011) as standard. This key allows you to release the window in order to clean it. With the restrictor in place the window is still capable of being opened to provide additional ventilation. If you already have a lock but require a spare key, you can purchase one separately.

Please note: The VELUX Opening Restrictor is only suitable for GGL & GGU Centre-Pivot Roof windows which have a height of 98cm or more.


VELUX Security Lock (ZOZ 012K)
This easy and simple mechanism ensures extra security and gives you that additional peace of mind in the home. The VELUX Security Lock reinforces a simple ‘click shut’ operation at the top of the VELUX Roof Window.

The simple lock at the top of the window is perfect if placed in a child’s bedroom, allowing you to control when it is opened and closed and ensuring they are safe if the window is within an easy and accessible position. The VELUX Security Lock also gives you extra protection against theft, helping to prevent burglars from entering from outside.

When the safety device is locked, you are not able to open the sash. However, the ventilation function at the top of the window will still work, allowing you to be protected while still bringing in some fresh air.

Please note: The VELUX Security Lock (ZOZ 012K) is also for Centre-Pivot Roof Windows only (GGL & GGU).

So why not give yourself that extra peace of mind and protect your home against theft and protect your children inside with the VELUX Security range today. 

For further information on the VELUX Security Range, you can contact VELUX directly on 01592 778 225.