Smart Ways to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Posted by Becky Graham on 12th November 2015

With the cold British winter coming up and gas bills going through the roof, we look at some of the smart ways to keep your house warm during the winter. Other than lighting a fireplace or turning on the radiator, there are some smart tricks you can do to heat your house effectively.

Choose Thick Curtains

Curtains can really help you keep the heat in and stop the warmth escaping through the windows. The rule is ‘the thicker the better.’ There are several types of blinds you can add to velux windows to ensure you get maximum warmth.

But Don’t Forget To Open Curtains During the Day!

When the sun comes out, lift that curtain up! By opening the curtains or blinds during the daytime, you are getting free heat from the sun that goes through the window. But it gets dark early in the UK so your best bet is late morning and early afternoon to make best use of the heat.

Add Extra Insulation

Extra insulation in your window is always going to reduce heat loss. We are pleased to offer a Velux BDX Insulation and felt collar which insulates the window frame from £32.00 and is easy to assemble.

Keep The Heat In The Small Place

When using a radiator or any type of heater, you want to keep that heat within small vicinity – the more the heat spreads, the less effective it is. So you can start by closing the doors of rooms you don’t use, because they are only stealing heat from the rooms you do use. You can also consider adding a shelf or cupboard above the radiators you use because they will keep the heat in an enclosed area.

Get Rid Of Draughts

You have to make sure that you are not letting the heat out. There are lots of areas in the house where the heat is escaping including your front door keyhole, washing machine, dryer, air vents and letter box. Consider stuffing them with bubble wrap, covering them with plastic or newspaper so that you keep the heat in.

Put More Layers On!

A house is a lot like a human in that the more layers you have on, the warmer you are. The trick is to start decorating – add carpets, rugs, mats, extra curtains, furniture and anything else you can find. The more you fill up the room, the warmer it will be. This is particularly the case if you have bare wooden flooring – so as your mother would tell you before you leave the house: ‘Put more layers on!’

This piece was provided by Premier Lofts who provide loft conversions in North London.