Which Flashing do you need?

Posted by Becky Graham on 20th April 2017

VELUX window flashings are essential for the installation of your roof window. Flashings will provide a weathertight seal between your roof window and roofing material to ensure safe and effective water drainage, whatever the conditions.

VELUX provide a range of flashing options to suit your roofing material. Due to the huge range of roofing materials on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right flashing kit.

This blog post aims to inform you about the compatibility of roofing materials and flashings and will help you to select the most appropriate flashing.

Window Flashings

Flashings for installing roof window into slate up to 8mm thick.For roof pitches from 15º - 90º. Not for interlocking slate or thatch. 

Flashings for installing roof window in flat or profiled roofing material up to 120mm in profile. For roof pitches from 15º - 90º. Also for interlocking slate, thatch and profile sheeting. 

Flashings for installing roof window in plain tiles (max length 340mm). For roof pitches from 25º - 90º. Maximum thickness of 15mm.

Recessed Window Flashings
The difference between the standard and the recessed window flashings is that recessed flashings provide a sleek, streamlined finish as the window is installed deeper in the roof structure, meaning that less of the window protrudes above the roofline. The recessed flashings are also available with an insulation and underfelt collar included for optimal thermal performance.

For recessed installation of single roof window into slate up to 8mm thick. For roof pitches from 20º - 90º. Not for interlocking slate

For recessed installation of one roof window into flat or profiled roofing material up to 90mm in profile. For roof pitches from 20º- 90º.

Are you uncertain about your roofing material but you know the tile manufacturer? Use this guide to help you find the right flashing.

Please note that the above flashings are for the installation of single roof windows. If you are looking to install multiple roof windows side by side or in a group, please purchase the right combination flashing for your project.

If you have any further questions after reading this guide, feel free to contact VELUX directly on 01592 778 225.